18 November 2010

Shanghai Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy over my head... I'm sure of it... Not crazy, I swear, I've seen them everywhere, looking at me, ready to send some clouds and mist when I take my camera out... Chinese everywhere... CONSPIRACCYYYYYYYYY!!!! -_-'

Better now, I've taken my pills. Doctor always told me:
"Greg, calm down, But if you are feeling sinister
Go off and see a minister
Chances are you'll probably feel better
If you stayed and played with yourself"

Apparently Belle and Sebastian had the same doctor...

So, where was I... ah yes, explaining you the conspiracy. Weather is kind of crap in Shanghai, most of the time white mist probably linked with pollution, grey clouds, so the light for photos is bad. Was taking quite a lot of pictures when we arrived there but the crappy light really got my motivation down and i stopped going out with my camera, saving it for our trip out of Shanghai (I've several thousands pictures to sort if someone wants to help me).

But it exists some kind of nice remedy and mine is a 50mm 1.4D, able to take the light even if it's not there. So last Saturday i took it with me, to have some drinks with friends. Thanks for your smiles and happiness, gave me back some motivation :)

Photographer wannabe.

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