9 June 2007

Japon - A night to remember

Desole, je ne traduirais pas ce message, libre à chacun de le lire ou de passer au suivant.

[Sad night, his plane was leaving next morning, and he would be far from her again. Already 2 O'clock, after finishing his bag, switching off the light, he was seating on the floor, looking at her. She was already in her bed, facing the wall.

Her back was uncovered, it was possible to see the curve of her hip. How long did he stay here looking at her ... didn't remember, probably several minutes. He was thinking how lucky he was to have met such amazing girl, to share so much with someone, really connected. When he finally decided to join her in the bed, he thought that she was sleeping. Did he wake her up ? Was she waiting him ? She is the only one who knows. At this time, she rolled over, looked at him and said " Marry Me". His hearbeat stopped, no more bloodstream ... what an incredible sentence, did he hear correctly ? Was it a dream ? No, Dreams don't smell anything and he was still able to smell her parfum, so it was real. He didn't react for several seconds, still analysing what he heard, but there was nothing to analyse, his mind and heart were already in line on an answer.

He moved slightly to be above her, looking at her in the dark, "Do you really want to marry me ?", and her answer restarted his heartbeat "Yes". Three letters, a very short word, but so meaningful for him. To share his life with her, to take care of her ... An important thing during the night, in a country far far away.]

Your Kaeru, qui pense que c'est definitivement tres romantique,
[who thought that it's definititely romantic],


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wayway said...

I Love you Gregoire Moinet...